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Remember the Boomers

So far I’ve played it safe with blog postings about neutral subjects like travel and writing. But this time I’m going out on a limb and expressing my personal views on what I perceive to be a disturbing trend in … Continue reading

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A Birthday in the Life

Not all travels are far afield. Sometimes just getting out of the house to explore and enjoy the local sights and events can be an adventure in itself. So it was for Nancy’s birthday this past Saturday. I gave her … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Sedona

Now that summer is all but over, it’s time to swap vacation travel stories. Me first. For our holidays in late June, early July, Nancy and I flew down to the American southwest, always a favourite travel destination for our … Continue reading

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Make a Joyful Noise

Recently I attended the funeral of yet another vibrant person taken from us far before their time. As always happens when I attend such a funeral and listen to others speak of the virtues of the deceased, I can’t help … Continue reading

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