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Legacy Laws

They’re at it again, folks. First it was the tobogganing hills. Now it’s the backyard skating rinks and outdoor hockey that are at risk of being banned. All in the name of safety and liability. It’s a very disturbing trend … Continue reading

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Downhill from Here

Wow! When I recently heard on the news that several Ontario¬†communities have outlawed tobogganing on municipal hills, and that many more are considering it, I thought now we’ve gone too far. For years I’ve known that we’re growing ever more … Continue reading

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How’s That Workin’ For You?

So, tell me world, how’s all that retaliatory violence working for you so far? It’s been your go-to tool of choice for solving your differences¬†for some time now. So surely it must be getting some positive results, right? Let’s see… … Continue reading

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