How’s That Workin’ For You?

So, tell me world, how’s all that retaliatory violence working for you so far? It’s been your go-to tool of choice for solving your differences for some time now. So surely it must be getting some positive results, right?

Let’s see… is it helping garner respect for your religious beliefs? Is it gaining admiration for your cause? Surely it’s swaying people over to your side? Or forcing your opponents to accept defeat and admit they’re wrong? Oh, I know, it’s restoring peace and calm to your communities, right? No? Well, maybe it’s putting a stop to criticism and expressed differences of opinion? At the least I’m sure it’s making your streets safer for the young, needy, and disenfranchised? Or preventing troublesome dissidents from speaking out? Then at least tell me that it’s making the world a better, safer place to live, and is setting a good example for our children?

Ya… didn’t think so.

So maybe it’s time to try another approach to solving ideological differences. Something that doesn’t involve hate-filled rhetoric, automatic weapons, drones, missiles, torture, imprisonment, public flogging, suicide bombers, beheadings, spying on innocent citizens, curtailing freedoms, or imposing a police state.

What have you got to lose, right?

About wordswithbrad

Let's see. I guess first and foremost I am a life wanderer on a journey of discovery and experience. Can you tell I am a child of the sixties? Along the way I have become many things ... a College Professor (now retired after 28 wonderful years), a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, a singer/songwriter, a musician, an artist, a world traveler, a fan of science fiction and history, and a student of human nature. But my greatest accomplishments are being father to two of the most amazing and accomplished young men I have ever known, and husband to the incredible and delightful woman who made that possible.
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