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For Goodness Sake

Okay, I know that I’ve come across as grumpy and negative lately. Truth is, I’m actually quite tired of posting these rants against what I see as a growing trend in global and national injustice. But I do have my … Continue reading

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Coming to a City Near You

Folks, I wish the world would become a calm, peaceful place just long enough for me to get back to writing optimistic and uplifting blogs. I really do. But unfortunately, the crazies out there keep grabbing the headlines, and when they do … Continue reading

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Authoritarian Followers

Things seem to be getting disturbingly weird in the States lately. For some inexplicable reason, crass and classless Donald Trump has moved ahead as the undisputed frontrunner in the Republican leadership race. And with last night’s resignation of Ted Cruz, there now seems to … Continue reading

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