Monthly Archives: July 2016

The New Republicans

On July 20, at the GOP Party Convention in Cleveland Ohio, Donald J. Trump officially got the nod as the undisputed leader in the US Republican party’s run for the Presidency. But his win comes at a dear price, with much ill-will, controversy, … Continue reading

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I Pray For Justice

I find myself saddened and outraged beyond words by the tragic events of the last two days. The deaths of two more innocent souls at the bloodied hands of over-zealous, ruthless, trigger-happy cops has me at a loss for anything to say about … Continue reading

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Paranoia Runs Deep

Sometimes I feel like I’m shouting into the wind. Almost every day I read of yet another unspeakable incident that provokes my simmering outrage. And I guess that I hope that by speaking out, my small voice will be like a snowball … Continue reading

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The Shadow of BREXIT

Well, we now have proof that the impossible – the unthinkable – can really happen. Despite all the dire warnings and informed predictions of future chaos and economic ruin, the Brits still voted to leave the European Union. I’ll spare you all the … Continue reading

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