The New Republicans

On July 20, at the GOP Party Convention in Cleveland Ohio, Donald J. Trump officially got the nod as the undisputed leader in the US Republican party’s run for the Presidency. But his win comes at a dear price, with much ill-will, controversy, and bad blood spilled on the convention hall floor. The resulting division within the party’s ranks is so wide that it would appear that the integrity – even the future – of the once-respected GOP is now in question.

I was personally shocked, saddened, and alarmed – but not surprised – by the outcome in Cleveland. The mood of a large majority of conservative delegates has long been surly and suspicious of the traditional good-old-boy network, and this manifested as an outright rejection of the old guard and their way of doing politics. To this disgruntled group of “regular” folk, Trump was seen as a tough-talking, straight-from-the-hip, John Wayne-like rugged individualist who talks their kind of talk, says what they want to hear, knows his way around a boardroom table, and who just might be able to bring some of that attitude, swagger, and bull-headed assuredness to the White House.

What alarms me, however, are the manipulative lies and calculated trigger phrases the man employed in order to achieve his win. He’s shown himself to be sleaze-ball con-artist who plays on the gullibility, fears, anger, and distrust of the people. He tells them what they want to hear, not what he can realistically or ethically deliver should he ever get to the oval office. And that cannot bode well for his suitability as POTUS.

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