Before it’s Too Late

This US federal election has already turned into one for the books. Never before has the national psyche been so polarized that it threatens the future well-being of the nation. Surprisingly, the split has not simply been down the middle as one might have expected… not just between the Republicans and Democrats as has historically been the case. There are actually four distinct factions that have arisen from the chaos and turmoil of the leadership campaigns. Both the Democrats, and especially the Republicans, have split perhaps irrevocably along ideological lines… not just between old school liberalism and conservatism, but also between those who are politically trusting and those who have become disillusioned with modern politics and are looking for a party candidate willing to buck the system and change things. And these deep divisions and trends run the risk of fracturing the nation itself.

But while the Democrats emerged from their leadership convention showing definite, but not ultimately fatal signs of party disunity, the Republicans are clearly on the verge of self-destructing. They are a sinking ship afloat in a turbulent political sea under the mastery of an unstable, misguided, and self-serving captain who does not have the best interests of the crew or mission at heart.

And this development puts the safety and integrity of America at risk. I have a few thoughts on this worrisome state of affairs.

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Let's see. I guess first and foremost I am a life wanderer on a journey of discovery and experience. Can you tell I am a child of the sixties? Along the way I have become many things ... a College Professor (now retired after 28 wonderful years), a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, a singer/songwriter, a musician, an artist, a world traveler, a fan of science fiction and history, and a student of human nature. But my greatest accomplishments are being father to two of the most amazing and accomplished young men I have ever known, and husband to the incredible and delightful woman who made that possible.
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