Toronto the Hostile?

Remember when Toronto was thought of as one of the nicest, cleanest, most welcoming cities in the world? Well, I do. And it wasn’t all that long ago, relatively speaking. But things are changing. And not for the better. Toronto seems to be experiencing what other large cities have already suffered through… a population that is getting so large, so crowded, and so impersonal that it is losing that “togetherness” feeling that it once had. This loss of connection is manifesting itself as a growing hostility towards strangers, towards people who are considered outsiders, towards people who aren’t you. And it’s getting ugly.

Like any problem of this kind, it’ll only get worse if it doesn’t get nipped in the bud by (a) awareness of the problem, and (b) a desire to make a correction to our trajectory before its too late. Sure, right now there are lots of bad apples who are getting all the press, but there are also just as many, if not more, people who want Toronto to retain its untarnished reputation. Who will win?

I have some thoughts on this issue.

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Let's see. I guess first and foremost I am a life wanderer on a journey of discovery and experience. Can you tell I am a child of the sixties? Along the way I have become many things ... a College Professor (now retired after 28 wonderful years), a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, a singer/songwriter, a musician, an artist, a world traveler, a fan of science fiction and history, and a student of human nature. But my greatest accomplishments are being father to two of the most amazing and accomplished young men I have ever known, and husband to the incredible and delightful woman who made that possible.
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