Another Perspective

It’s easy to dismiss Trump’s supporters as racists, misogynists, gay bashers, and shit disturbers. And, sure, there’s probably a lot who are. After all, his campaign was filled with hate-filled rhetoric that would have appealed to that type of voter. But I truly don’t believe there were 60 million of them. That’s how many votes put Trump into the Oval Office. They can’t all be morons, can they?

I have a few thoughts on this.

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About wordswithbrad

Let's see. I guess first and foremost I am a life wanderer on a journey of discovery and experience. Can you tell I am a child of the sixties? Along the way I have become many things ... a College Professor (now retired after 28 wonderful years), a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, a singer/songwriter, a musician, an artist, a world traveler, a fan of science fiction and history, and a student of human nature. But my greatest accomplishments are being father to two of the most amazing and accomplished young men I have ever known, and husband to the incredible and delightful woman who made that possible.
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