Trump is Not Normal

We’re Already Starting to Normalize Donald Trump

Alarmingly, over the past few weeks, I’ve read a growing number of opinion pieces promoting right-wing and tough-minded ideas, like why sympathy and empathy are not such good traits, or why referring to scientific facts in an argument is only ever used to support a political agenda whether liberal or conservative, or that a stronger US nuclear capability would probably be a good thing, or why psychopaths and narcissists actually do make the best leaders… that sort of thing. Opinion pieces that run counter to the usual left-leaning sentiments of most reporters, columnists, and news outlets.

The intent of all these right-leaning articles is clearly to try to convince us that the things Trump has been telling us might not be so bad after all, and may be valid points of view, and have some basis in fact. But they all do one thing… they bend and twist reality to shine the upcoming US federal administration in a favourable light so that the transition will be easier to take when the reality of it hits us. It’s like looking at a huge oncoming tsunami wave, and being told “You know, it has been a little dry around here lately, so this might actually be a good thing.”

In other words, Trump is coming, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. So you might as well prepare for it. Learn more about him and his ideas. Try to shine a positive light on his “unique” personal traits. Prepare to become his friend, and to understand and adjust to his rancorous approach to running the USA. In short, get ready to crawl into bed with the man and make nice. It’s quite possible that some of the people of Paris did this same thing as Hitler and his troops marched into town in 1940.

All I can say in response to this is WTF!? Really? Are liberal-minded and compassionate Americans actually succumbing to the Stockholm Syndrome already… finding ways to get along with their captor so that he’ll be nicer to them? The man isn’t even in office yet, and already they’re rolling over on their backs to expose their soft underbellies. How sad. I had expected better. I thought they would hold onto their integrity for awhile longer.

It’s like Christmas time when your jerk of an uncle is coming, and you’re being told to try to get along with him because, after all, it’s Christmas. Trouble is, no one likes the guy… not even his family. But he’s rich and successful, so there must be something about him that’s tolerable, right? I mean, assholes don’t get to be rich, do they? So he must have some good traits, wouldn’t you think?

Well, guess what? That’s not always the case. When you start out filthy rich, you can screw up a lot of times and still be rich. That doesn’t mean you know anything, or that you have any redeeming qualities. It just means you’re rich, that’s all. And that’s the case here. Trump may be rich, but that doesn’t mean he knows anything, other than how to spend and make money. He’s simply a loud, bossy, know-it-all, rich buffoon who acts like he’s got all the answers, throws his weight around, waves money in people’s faces, and doesn’t feel any need to make an effort to get along with anyone.

Trump is just an old rich dude who has benefited from that bizarre 21st century phenomenon of “celebrity credibility” which seems to hypnotize viewers into believing that anyone with their own reality TV show must know what they’re talking about. Whereas, in reality, he’s actually just a loud doofus.

And that doofus is now the president of the United States. So much for the classiness of the Obamas. The White House will now have The Donald and Melania, a couple who possess all the style & grace of a tacky Atlantic City casino. I’ll say it again, Trump may be famous, but he’s really nothing more than a lying, arrogant, self-serving, misogynistic, manipulative, corrupt, racist, and hateful doofus. And for some godforsaken reason that defies logic, millions of good and otherwise intelligent people believe his lies, conspiracy theories, and conservative propaganda. *

These are just a few of Trump’s lies (some very ludicrous, even comical, yet potentially dangerous lies) and conspiracy theories meant to inflame the public and to enrage weak minds so that they’ll be outraged enough to allow him and his corporate thugs to pass any kind of legislation they see fit (laws that will no doubt serve their purposes) to supposedly “protect” Americans from such “vile conspiratorial activity” in the future. A nation and its people that fall for conspiracies cannot last for long. Think of that scene in “A Beautiful Mind” where John Nash is trying to make sense of a myriad of news clippings that he’s pinned to a wall and connected by a rat’s nest of string in crazy ways. That’s the kind of nonsense that Trump is asking Americans to buy into.

It’s a dangerous swing in thinking to go from expecting and relying on substantiated facts and verified truth, to falling for groundless rumour, innuendo and sensational lies. Living in a post-truth and post-fact conspiratorial world will be, I fear, far worse than anything Orwell imagined in his dystopian novel “1984”. And that’s the kind of world you don’t want becoming “normal”.

And, the fact that there are so many so-called “news” sites out there willing to lend credibility to this nonsense, is just a sad commentary on the decline of responsible journalism. I guess they want to be allowed to keep on publishing after Trump assumes office, and if that’s what it takes, they’re apparently only too willing to prostitute themselves. Let those news outlets that foolishly continue to publish the truth take all the heat, eh?

Besides, it appears that Trump plans to circumvent the news outlets anyway, by continuing to hold his rallies aimed at stirring up his mindless followers. This, some say, is the way Trump’s reign of tyranny will begin. His followers already believe anything he tells them, and in this manner he’ll be able to rouse them, lead them, and work them into an impassioned frenzy on a regular basis. This will not be a good thing.

Political analysts figure there are essentially four ways that a Trump presidency could play out. He could be a “traditional Republican” by allowing Pence and company to run the show while he takes the stage. He could be a “popular rogue” who breaks the rules but performs effectively. He could end up a “failed president” who breeches some rules of conduct or breaks some laws early on and suffers for it. Or he could be an “authoritarian” who wields a big stick and uses his office to wage a war of revenge and retribution against his detractors and critics. None of these are particularly appealing (except maybe the failed president scenario).

Trying to find Trump’s better qualities, to hunt for the kernel of so-called “truth” in what he says, or to justify his points of view and find ways to adapt to them, is not the answer. This approach will only inevitably make Americans more like him, or at least tolerate and defend him, and that’s just as bad.

Resistance doesn’t mean they have to form a rebel alliance and oppose the man in armed conflict, but it does mean they have to stick to their principles and find ways to ensure that their better qualities are brought to bear in their dealings with others. And the next time there’s an election, to see to it that those of similar intent get out in greater numbers and make sure that their voices are heard, and that decency, honesty, and integrity win this time. In fact, left-wing documentarian, Michael Moore, has suggested 5 things Americans can do to “fight” the Trump presidency. If nothing is done, Moore fears that a Trump presidency may be the nation’s last.

It’s up to those with intelligence, faith in humanity, and compassion – those who’re able to see through such outrageous lies and manipulation – to defend those who can’t. To constantly point to the truth, to believe in science, to stick to the facts, and to maintain and defend the better qualities of people.

Because Trump certainly isn’t going to do it. Picture him as the devil on the shoulder who plays on one’s fears, paranoia, doubts, and suspicions in order to trick them into doing what he wants.

In other words, he’s a dangerous doofus!

I’m just sayin’

* For some reason, the world has decided that politics should not be left in the hands of career politicians. That scientific research should not be trusted to educated scientists. That trained police are our enemy. That lawyers are the bad guys. That writers are subversives. That the church is corrupt. That farmers are growing dangerous Franken-foods. That government security agencies are spying on us. That anyone who looks different from us is a terrorist. That foreign nations are out to destroy us. That… well, you get the picture.

How far does this paranoia go? And what’s next? Do we turn medical surgery over to amateurs who claim they know better? Do we let just anyone teach our children? Do we turn the banks over to teenagers?

There’s a name for such groundless paranoia and suspicion. It’s called mental illness, and I suspect that it may be a global epidemic of epic proportion.


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