Whom the Gods Would Destroy

The other night I heard Presidential Advisor Kellyanne Conway on the news, where she excused White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s rant against the press regarding Trump’s inauguration day attendance numbers, saying he referred to “alternative facts“. I think what she was describing is what the rest of us would call “mistruths”, “falsehoods”, or just plain “lies”.

But regardless of the so-called truth (whichever version you subscribe to) of how many people attended Trump’s inaugural ceremonies, the fact that Conway implied that there’s no such thing as absolute truth made me realize that the gloves are now off. US politics, as we know it, is no longer governed by the rules of fair play and honesty. The truth, from now on, is whatever they can get away with… whatever they can convince the people to believe.

That includes the truth not just about what has recently occurred, but what has happened in the distant past. Because, once you tread down the slippery slope to filtering the facts through biased eyes, then there’s no such thing as the “truth”. There’s only selective and twisted facts used as propaganda. And even history itself becomes whatever you can convince people it was… indisputable evidence to the contrary be damned. This tactic proved quite effective in the past for controlling a gullible populace.

And boy, is Trump ever good at twisting and distorting the facts to serve his purposes. Plus, his supporters firmly believe every word that comes out of the man’s mouth. So there’s no playbook that the news media, Washington, or the American people can rely upon to help them stand a chance in this crazy game that Trump and his team are playing. It’s Calvin Ball from here on out.

Clearly, when it comes to Trump’s presidency, America and the rest of the world is dealing with a bag of cats. And you can never win when you’re dealing with crazy people. Even professional psychologists are cautious when dealing with insanity, because psychos & schizophrenics can suck you into their fantasies and delusions so easily that the next thing you know you’re questioning your own sanity. Well, that’s what’s going to happen to America very shortly if the Trump government keeps this up. His crazy “upside down”, bizarro world is eventually going to start making a weird kind of sense. And, like they say, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad“. So, when Trump starts making sense, you’ll know what that means.

Unfortunately, the USA is not an isolated entity. It’s a world power, one with a great deal of influence over the hopes, safety, and fortunes of many other nations. So, as goes the USA, so goes the world.

Quite possibly there are ways the Trump Administration could actually prove good for the USA and the world. I’ve got to allow them that. But as near as I can tell, all of those scenarios require Trump and his team to either start acting like normal politicians and playing by the rules, or for Congress and the Senate to rein them in and secure them on a short leash. And I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future. So, unfortunately, the only future scenarios I can imagine play out in a very dark way.

You see, a few nights ago, as I lay in bed, I got to wondering how Trump’s four years in office might play out. I used past and present events to establish a trajectory of what we know, then projected it into the future. In Engineering we call this extrapolation.

Something like this happened to me during the Republican leadership race. At that time I realized that, unless something was done, as improbable as it seemed, Trump was going to win the GOP nomination. Which he did. It also happened during the presidential election, where I concluded that, unless Hillary found some way to connect with voters, Trump was going to win the presidency. She didn’t, and he did.

So I’ve come to trust this inner voice, and the strange hidden workings of my subconscious. But this time its prediction foretells a truly grim story… something from a pulp fiction novel. Except that we can’t close the cover and put this book down. Our only choice is to do something before it (or something like it) plays itself out in real life.

The timeline of predictions listed below is based on the kind of Trump, Kellyanne, bag of cats behaviour – and  so-called “logic” – that we’ve already come to expect from the Trump team. It accounts for Trump’s divisive nature, his distorting the truth, never accepting a loss graciously, never backing down, and always seeking revenge against detractors and critics. It relies on the media remaining hell-bent on exposing Trump for the lunatic and liar that he is. It relies on other nations protecting their citizens and their national best business & security interests. Plus it expects people to be people – anger, passion, hopes and all – and we’ve seen some pretty angry, violent, paranoid, and crazy behaviour from Americans this past year. In other words, it’s based on the reality of the situation.

And so, putting that all together, I humbly offer what I hope turns out to be just the plot of a bad political novel… a work of fiction that Tom Clancey might have come up with on a bad day, were he still alive. I just hope it never comes to pass. But, unfortunately, I’m two-for-two so far with my night-time predictions.

I point out that the chronology of events predicted below is highly uncertain. That’s to be expected. Some of the events listed might happen in a different order from those shown, or they might not happen at all. And many other unforeseen events will no doubt occur in the meantime. But it’s really the trajectory of these events – the outcome they lead to – that has me so worried. Because my subconscious mind reasons that, people being people, and Trump being Trump, the future could too easily unfold along a path similar to this.

And we simply can’t allow that to happen. Something proactive must be done to dial down the crazy, and to prevent this scenario from ever coming true!

The sad thing is, if this disaster unfolds anything like I’ve outlined here, Trump’s supporters will blame the calamity on liberals, the corrupt media, the Democrats, Obama, foreigners, Hillary Clinton, Muslims, perhaps even ISIS… anyone but Donald Trump. They will simply not accept that the man, his policies, and his fragile ego will have taken their once proud & noble nation, and the world, to the brink of war.

Disclaimer: The links provided below are to current or recent events that hint at the possibilities of more escalated future reactions by Trump and his gang of wacky sidekicks. They by no means imply that this doomsday scenario is already playing itself out as outlined below.

That, and the farther down the timeline we get, and the more extreme the anticipated events, the less supportive evidence I can link to… because by this point we’re sailing in uncharted waters. It’s all quite unprecedented. Trump has seen to that.

Hopefully I’m totally off the mark here, and the future will unfold in a completely different and ideally better, sunnier way for all. Ideally, this blog will turn out to be nothing more than whimsical entertainment and the rantings of a paranoid Canadian. I truly want to be wrong. I want none of this to ever happen.

But it might. And that’s the problem.

I’m just sayin’

Timeline Starts January 22, 2017
This timeline unfolds over a period of around 18-24 months

  • Trump disparages the media by saying their reports are full of deliberate and misleading lies.
  • Kellyanne Conway establishes that “alternative facts” are just as real, but that only Trump’s facts are the truth.
  • Major news outlets speak out against this outlandish notion in an attempt to defend their credibility.
  • Trump uses Executive Orders to unilaterally enact many of his campaign promises, to shore up stronger support from his supporters.
  • Trump approves the Keystone and Dakota Pipeline projects.
  • Trump withdraws the USA from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.
  • Trump approves the $14B Mexico wall and insists Mexico will pay for it.
  • Trump temporarily halts immigration from mostly Muslim nations.
  • Trump bans federal funding to international health groups that support abortion.
  • Trump-appointed ambassador to the UN takes names of nations that openly oppose the Trump administration.
  • Trump orders “extreme vetting” of immigrants and refugees.
  • Trump orders expansion of the powers of the military.
  • Trump endorses torture, because he says it works.
  • Trump proposes a muslim registry database to track their actions.
  • Media, celebrities and ex-government officials oppose the muslim registry, calling it a throwback to the days of the Japanese internment camps.
  • Trump orders hiring freeze for US federal employees, but not for the military.
  • China and Japan express their disappointment & concerns at Trump’s actions, asserting that his decision is not in the best interests of all international parties.
  • China takes exception to Trump recognizing Taiwan as a nation.
  • Trump aggressively pursues his claims that voter fraud denied him the popular vote. *
  • The news media questions Trump’s motives for seeking the presidency.
  • Trump claims that he truly wants to unite America, and implies that any who oppose or criticize him oppose America.
  • The news media launches a volley of attacks and criticisms against Trump’s draconian methods and questionable decisions.
  • Environmentalists and aboriginal groups band together to fight Trump’s pipeline plans.
  • Trump says it’s the media that is agitating these groups by lying to them.
  • Trump imposes tough trade sanctions against Mexico – America’s once friendly trading partner – to force it to pay for the wall.
  • Mexico breaks off diplomatic ties to the USA in retaliation.
  • The news media defends Mexico’s position.
  • Trump threatens to impose penalties on some media groups, such as sanctions and lawsuits, to try and scare them into backing off their criticisms of him.
  • Trump declares that the media no longer disseminates the truth, and that he will contact Americans directly online about what is happening.
  • Trump insists this is the only way Americans will get the truth.
  • Citizens groups rally nationwide to stop Trump by impeachment or even arrest if necessary.
  • Trump accuses the media of deliberately lying to the American people and trying to incite treason.
  • A major movement forms, directing anti-Trumpers on how to oppose Trump’s orders and policies.
  • Police and the media react to a general rise in lawless behaviour across the USA.
  • Trump vows to get tough on crime, and to give permission to police to make arrests on suspicion of involvement in criminal activity.
  • Ugly protests spring up in major cities in mostly Democratic states.
  • It’s discovered that many people attending these protests and riots are Canadians.
  • Trump imposes restrictions at the border, blacklisting many foreigners and foreign news outlets from entering the USA.
  • Trump tells Americans this was done because foreigners are stirring up trouble and spreading lies about America to the rest of the world.
  • The vindictiveness is ramped up, with anti-Trumpers calling Trump a criminal, traitor, fascist, and petty dictator.
  • Trump gives a fiery speech, declaring anyone who opposes him or his government’s policies to be the real “un-American” traitors.
  • Around the country American flags are burned, as are effigies of Trump.
  • Trump refers to the instigators and trouble-makers as fascists and Nazis to stir up hatred against them.
  • Trump grants police wider liberties to enforce the law where government protests and anti-government actions are involved.
  • Violence by both sides erupts in troubled cities.
  • Police find they are in over their heads, and many officers are injured or even killed by rioters.
  • Trump calls out the National Guard to quell protests, authorizing them to use rubber bullets, tear gas, percussion grenades, tasers, pepper spray, or water cannons at their discretion… but deadly force only as a last resort.
  • Trump claims this action is meant to restore peace & order for the safety of his law-abiding and patriotic followers.
  • These strong-arm tactics are mostly used in cities in Democratic states.
  • Physical threats are made online against Trump and his family.
  • Trump falsely claims that an attempt was made against his family, but he assures the country that they’re all safe.
  • Trump uses these threats as an excuse to impose a national curfew.
  • Trump creates a private police force (SS, Brown Shirts) to protect him.
  • The world gets word of Trump’s private army, and makes the connection to historic similarities.
  • Trump lashes out at foreign news outlets for making America and him look bad.
  • Trump closes the US borders to international news outlets and foreign reporters entering the States.
  • Trump suspends broadcast licenses, preventing US news outlets from broadcasting outside the USA.
  • Trump says that American news should only be for Americans anyway.
  • The nation is now under an self-imposed international news blackout.
  • The only news getting out is via the Internet, and from a handful of rogue foreign reporters operating undercover in the USA.
  • A world-wide underground movement forms to force Trump out of office.
  • Trump gets wind of this and declares American involvement to be treasonous.
  • Trump tasks the CIA and FBI with tracking down and arresting all the underground leaders, as well as any illegal reporters still in the country.
  • Trump accuses foreigners of assisting the illegal underground.
  • Trump tries to get the NSA to monitor all Internet traffic to and from the USA.
  • Trump says this is because the terrorists are using the Internet against Americans by stirring up discontent and inciting violence.
  • For national security reasons, all network and cable TV shows are now “temporarily” suspended from broadcasting outside the USA.
  • Trump says Americans won’t lose revenue, because those broadcasts only ever made money for Canadian and Mexican ad agencies.
  • Hundreds of random and questionable arrests are quietly made in the name of national security… faces are not shown nor names given (for national security reasons) so no one knows who’s been arrested.
  • Several new prisons are opened in pro-Trump states to house these dissidents.
  • Trump claims this is actually a good thing because it makes more work for his supporters, and gets dissidents off the streets.
  • Violent skirmishes with members of the underground are occurring everywhere.
  • Trump starts a rumour that the underground includes many treasonous military defectors, police, and democrats, and that it’s well armed.
  • Trump claims that a coup attempt was made against the White House, but it failed (there’s suspicion that this is a lie… there was no coup).
  • Martial law is imposed by Trump, and is enforced by the National Guard.
  • The White House is now ringed by armed military personnel.
  • Thousands more arrests are made across the country of anyone even remotely linked to the alleged coup, or to the underground.
  • Many of those arrested are celebrities who’s names and faces are shown on the news.
  • Names and addresses of rumoured anti-Trumpers are leaked online.
  • Trump supporters form vigilante lynch mobs to round these people up.
  • There are rumours of roaming and heavily-armed Trump supporters raiding peoples’ houses at night and making “citizen’s arrests”.
  • Trump dismisses rumours of these vigilante gangs raping and beating innocent people, claiming those are just more lies spread by the corrupt media and criminal underground.
  • Several blacks are found hanging from a tree in the south, the grim photos go viral and are even leaked to international news outlets.
  • The powder keg ignites, and deadly riots erupt in cities all over the country… the carnage and loss of life is devastating.
  • Trump supporters go to these anti-Trump protests and shoot people.
  • Trump Tower is bombed by a car bomb… hundreds are hurt or killed.
  • Trump properties in other nations are attacked.
  • Trump accuses people of making it personal, but insists that these are really attacks against America and its freedoms.
  • There’s talk of civil war as some states declare themselves independent of the Union.
  • Trump orders the military to occupy these states, and to impose full martial law upon them.
  • Deaths and arrests in the USA police state become international news stories.
  • China anchors several naval attack ships 500 miles off the American west coast.
  • China claims it’s there to protect the lives of Chinese nationals living in the States.
  • Japan says it’s incapable of providing military support, but promises to provide technological support to the USA, as long as they ensure the safety of all Japanese nationals living in the States.
  • Border crossings become chaotic powder kegs as desperate Americans attempt to escape into Canada.
  • Trump says that those trying to escape are unAmerican cowards who need to stay and accept the realities of their new nation.
  • Trump closes all international border crossings to traffic, including to and from Canada.
  • Many Canadian citizens are now stranded in the USA.
  • Canada lodges an official complaint with the US consulate.
  • Some US news outlets have re-located to Canada where they broadcast the real news into the USA via the Internet and short-wave radio.
  • Trump posts military forces along the Canadian border threatening to take action against Canada if it continues to assist these trouble-makers.
  • Canadian military forces line up along Canada’s border in a weak show of force.
  • Canada appeals to Britain for help, but they refuse to get involved.
  • The world watches as the USA teeters on the brink of civil war, plus possible war with Canada, and maybe even China.
  • Hostilities in the Arab nations relax a bit as all eyes are on the USA, waiting to see what happens there.
  • Supposedly with Trump’s permission, Russian forces move across Alaska, prepared to assist the USA by invading Canada if necessary… at Trump’s command, of course.
  • Russian jets make provocative forays into Canadian air space, getting into a few minor skirmishes with Canadian fighter jets, daring Canadian pilots to shoot first.
  • Russia parks a fleet of naval vessels 500 miles off Canada’s west coast, prepared to attack Canada, or the Chinese fleet, if necessary.
  • The Trudeau government brokers a peace deal with the USA and Russia.
  • This enrages Canadians, starting protests and riots in this country.
  • Trudeau is voted out of office by a tri-partisan non-confidence vote.
  • PC Leader Kevin O’Leary promises to stand up for Canada if elected.
  • O’Leary is voted in with the largest majority in Canadian history.
  • Instead of bolstering Canada’s defences, the O’Leary government signs a coalition agreement with the USA and Russia, forming what is essentially a contiguous American-Canadian-Russian corridor of power.
  • NATO, led by Britain and Europe, shores up its defences against the new Russian-Canadian-American Alliance (RuCanAm) by deploying their respective fleets into the Atlantic.
  • Russia deploys its nuclear submarine fleet into the Baltic.
  • The United Nations moves its operations out of New York and relocates to Geneva Switzerland.
  • All sides continue to rattle their sabres, threatening to use nuclear weapons if provoked.
  • In a speech to the American people, Trump dismisses Russia’s involvement, describing them as merely an “Ally of Strength”.
  • Trump describes the US-Russian disagreements of the past as merely the petty squabbles of two brothers fighting over who gets the top bunk.
  • Off camera, Trump smugly refers to Canada as Puerto Rico north… a property of the USA, but not useful enough to be a state.
  • Canadians start emigrating to Europe, New Zealand, Asia and India.
  • Fear of a world war now shores up panicking US support for Trump.
  • Bomb shelters once again become a big thing in the States.
  • Trump tells Americans that this only proves that the world has always hated the USA, and that only now are they revealing their true colours.
  • He reassures them that America has the biggest and best-equipped navy, the biggest military, the most nuclear bombs, the smartest weapons, and the best preparedness of any nation in the world, and it shall prevail.
  • The world prepares to go to war.

Okay. I just put this out there. It’s fantasy, right? It’s speculation at best, and paranoia at worst. And it’s all just feverish, sleepless imagination. So make of it what you will. Ignore it, laugh at it if you’re so inclined, scoff at it if that allows you to sleep at night. I myself hope to re-read this blog post sometime down the road and laugh at how ludicrous these predictions were. I really do. I hope it all turns out to be silly nonsense. Let’s hope.

Note: Since first writing this blog post, another doomsday scenario has popped into my sleepless noggin. It involves other nations seeing the Brexit vote, and the draconian success of Trump’s ideas and methods. This leads them to employ similar tactics by appealing to the anger and discontent of their own voters in order to get their own neo-conservative leaders elected, and then to adapt Trump-like policies. In time, these dictatorial corporate regimes decide to consolidate under a single leader… Supreme Overlord Trump (or something like that). I’ll leave the details of that nightmare scenario for another day.

* I’ve wondered why Trump is so obsessed with proving that he won the election’s majority vote. The pundits have written it off as just his inflated ego, asserting that Trump simply can’t live with the idea that Hillary got more votes than him. But I think it goes much further than that. I believe it has a nefarious intent. I suspect there’s some policy that Trump plans to implement down the road, a policy so distasteful that when it’s challenged he’ll be able to say that he was justified in enacting it because the majority of Americans supported him. And he believes this will silence the critics.


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