The New Aryans

Like most rational people, I’m outraged (but not surprised) by Trump’s provocative move to ban Muslims from seven “dangerous” arab nations from entering or re-entering the USA. After all, he’s simply doing what he threatened (or rather promised) to do during the election campaign. In fact, all of his Executive Orders are just promises he made to the electorate before he was voted into office. So why is everyone suddenly so shocked and appalled? Maybe they thought all his electioneering was just hot air, and that he wouldn’t actually do what he said he would. Guess they’ll never underestimate the audacity of Donald Trump again.

I wonder if democrats who abstained from voting in the election, because they refused to support Hillary Clinton, are still convinced that Trump is the better alternative. Sure, Bernie was cool, but I doubt that Hillary would have thrown the world under a bus the way Trump has. Then again, maybe they figured if she was going to win anyway, she’d have to do it without their vote. Well, let that be a lesson that, in a democracy, every vote counts.

Despite the insanity of it, there’s something about Trump’s victory that has left me with an unsettled feeling… and not just because the guy’s an arrogant blowhard, buffoon, and colossally egotistical jerk. Nor because his abrasive personality runs contrary to everything America has sought in a leader in the past. It’s because it seems to me that Trump was voted into office by a single-minded strength of purpose that he himself seems to lack. To me, it’s as if Trump was perceived by someone as a powerful, audacious, and useful front man for a bigger, more insidious movement.

But I could never quite put my finger on what that movement was. Was it – as we were told by the pundits – all those disenfranchised & economically displaced middle-american families and workers seeking jobs and personal safety & security in uncertain global times? Because that’s who the media seems to think was behind Trump’s inexplicable rise in popularity.

But then, the other day, I was forwarded a link to a website that shed a whole new light on the situation. Reading it gave me chills of concern for life as we know it in the North America of the 21st century.

According to this website, Trump is merely an easily manipulated front man for an extremist Christian movement that’s taking advantage of his grandiose personality to help the founders of their movement implement a subversive game plan almost 35 years in the making… a plan to return America to a fundamentalist white Christian culture. And the real kingpin in this government takeover is not Donald Trump, but Mike Pence.

According to the article, this extremist Christofascist movement has been trying to gain a foothold into the White House for decades. And while they’ve been highly successful in recruiting and indoctrinating individuals and families through grassroots endeavours like the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Operation Rescue, the Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family all family-oriented Christian organizations aimed at promoting the need for out-reproducing other religions, homeschooling young white Christians, and fostering the drive and stamina needed to fight what they call a “culture war” – they’ve been less successful at securing a federal advocate for their fundamentalist agenda.

Mind you, they haven’t wasted their time. Between elections, they’ve been busy behind the scenes, preparing the young for this war so they’re ready when the opportunity presents itself. Youth movement groups like Generation Joshua, TeenPact, and Teenage Republicans (TARS) teach devout young recruits everything they need to promote, push, and defend the need to bring down the current political system, and replace it with a nationalistic evangelical Christian theocracy.

The first foray by the Christian Right into the political arena came with the Tea Party in the early 2000s. That’s when the public got its first real look at this passionate evangelical conservatism. The movement mustered its support behind Sarah Palin who, as you’ll recall, was not a presidential hopeful but the vice-presidential running mate to popular and more mainstream John McCain. That’s because the movement realized that it needed to pull a subversive Trojan Horse maneuver in order to gain entry into the White House. Much as they’ve done this time with Mike Pence.

They were not dissuaded nor discouraged by the failure of McCain & Palin to win the election… these Christofascists are nothing if not patient. Until another opportunity presented itself, they continued to work on (and with) middle-American families by enthusiastically and relentlessly pushing their national agenda: To Take Back the Country for Christ. Their mission – and mantra – to Outbreed, Outvote and Outactivate. The driving force of this movement is its youth who marry young, raise relatively large families, homeschool their children to prevent contamination of the evangelical message, keep the spirit and energy alive through tight social and community efforts, and make voting an almost religious obligation… which to them it is.

To followers of this movement, anyone who doesn’t believe their message and abide by their strict rigid beliefs is their enemy, and not worthy of respect, mercy, or compassion. Only “good christians” will be saved. But that doesn’t include Catholics, Anglicans, or United Church Protestants! And most certainly not Muslims, Jews, or Buddhists.

Mike Pence seems to be the real reason they needed Trump to win the election. Pence’s rigid anti-abortion, anti-gay, pro-white, and pro-evangelical beliefs are what they need in federal office to further their cause. How Pence will go about getting this agenda to be accepted nationally remains to be seen. But it would appear that his message of pure, clean, straight Christian life has been embraced by millions of young people who are prepared to take up the banner and bring down what they see as the corrupt policies of the past, and replace them with their evangelical message. They are the new master race – the new aryans – in this nationalistic movement that’s sweeping America.

Trouble is, most of us non-evangelicals have been more-or-less oblivious to how strong a movement it is. Maybe if these fresh-faced young people start singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” in the streets, people will sit up and take notice.

For more insights into this dark underground Christofascist movement, and its ultimate nationalistic goals, read “I was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School, Awaiting Someone Like Mike Pence as a Messiah“.

When I read it, after feeling a little numb about its cautionary message, a lot of things fell into place. Like why otherwise intelligent, respectable-looking, and apparently articulate middle-Americans were so willing to turn a blind eye to Trump’s moronic attitudes and disgusting behaviour, and still vote for him. And why he selected the very different Mike Pence as his running mate. And why otherwise decent, family-loving middle-Americans are so willing to treat blacks, foreigners, and non-Christians with such racist, almost hate-filled disdain.

I was raised a United Church Christian. I’ve read the New Testament front to back. And nothing I read there ever portrayed Jesus as anything but a compassionate, loving, caring man who spread a message of love, tolerance, generosity and forgiveness to those who would listen. Later in life, I also read the words of Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius and Gandhi. They too preached of love, tolerance, generosity and forgiveness. And I concluded that there are many roads to a decent, loving, and compassionate life. So that’s how I’ve tried to live my life. None of these great people spoke of exclusion or intolerance, of racial or religious purity, or of being among the chosen ones. I can only conclude that any religious philosophy that teaches war, division, or exclusion has become corrupted by opportunists and elitists.

In light of this development, what should we do? I don’t know. But I suggest we all keep an eye out for signs that this is the direction that America is taking. Because I believe that many people would oppose such a reversal of American compassion and tolerance. At least I would hope so.

I’m just sayin’


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