Brad Nelson

Brad is a freshly retired Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology turned fiction writer. During 29 years at Kitchener’s Conestoga College he wrote several college textbooks, some of which are still required reading. In 1996, Brad and wife Nancy (herself a college professor) were awarded the McGraw-Hill Educational Innovation Award for their courseware prep & delivery software, Private School.

Brad now has the time to fulfill a long-time ambition of writing his first novel, a technological thriller. He is also an artist and professional musician. Brad lives in Cambridge, Ontario, on the banks of the beautiful Grand River, with his lovely wife Nancy and sons Robert and Jeffrey.


4 Responses to Brad Nelson

  1. Ron Hicks says:

    Hello Brad : Well, I am still withdrawing from the College, but when I see some of the pictures and videos through Facebook and places like your blog, I feel better. By the way, I just realized last week where I had seen you before….singing in the Stan Rogers tribute at Aeolian Hall with Jack. Man that was great, and you sang the songs very well. : ) Also, looking at your blog and seeing your writing ability gives me incentive to do some of the writing I have always said I would do. Keep up the good work.

    • wordswithbrad says:

      Thanks Ron. Sure does take a while to come down from a Celtic College high. Glad you enjoyed our Remember Stan Rogers concert at the Aeolian Hall. That was a fun night for us too because the London audience was so appreciative. Have fun with the writing. Cheers, Brad

  2. Is this the Brad Nelson.. from “the Things Unsaid” from Barrie????? Looks like you, I think? MyDo you know Greg Cowan, my brother ?

    • wordswithbrad says:

      Hi Karen,

      Yes, it’s me. “The Things Unsaid”, wow, that goes back a long ways. I still think of the four of us as the “Georgia Strait”, although I never quite connected to that name… too west coast for me at the time. I still play folk music and the occasional pop song when I’m with friends and in the mood. But those rock days are far, far behind me.

      Over the years, using the Internet, I’ve quietly looked in on some of my old friends, Greg included, to see what’s up in their lives. Can’t say I’ve been able to learn much about Greg… he has a very small online footprint. Sorry to hear about Ron and your Mom. My Mom died back in 2008, so I feel for your loss. Marg & Tom were like second parents to me, back in my teen years.

      Good to hear from you, Karen. Take care.



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