This Blog

So, what is this blog about? Well, like the subtitle above says, it’s about The Writings and Ramblings of Bradford Charles Nelson. That’s me.

In short, it’s about my own stories and thoughts. That might include some of what I think are my more interesting or amusing personal anecdotes and life moments … the ones that I think others like you might enjoy reading. If you take the time to read my “brief” bio, you’ll see that I have gotten around over the years. And some of my stories may pursue the details of those adventures. Or they might include the occasional rant or ramble about things I have witnessed, observed, overheard, or simply thought about. And maybe I’ll even throw in the odd story that has bubbled up from the depths of my own feverish imagination (like a teaser or two from my upcoming techno-thriller novel, Current.)

Just stories. That’s all. I am a writer, after all, so storyfying is what I do. Nothing more important or earthshaking than that. Hence the subtitle. I do hope that you will find the time to dig around in this blog, to see what’s there. And hopefully you will find some of my writings and ramblings entertaining and worth your while.



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