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Let's see. I guess first and foremost I am a life wanderer on a journey of discovery and experience. Can you tell I am a child of the sixties? Along the way I have become many things ... a College Professor (now retired after 28 wonderful years), a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, a singer/songwriter, a musician, an artist, a world traveler, a fan of science fiction and history, and a student of human nature. But my greatest accomplishments are being father to two of the most amazing and accomplished young men I have ever known, and husband to the incredible and delightful woman who made that possible.

The New Hammer

Remember that old truism that “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”? We smugly say it whenever we wish to mock those who use the wrong means – the wrong tool – to remedy their problems. To me … Continue reading

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Now Who’s Being Unfair?

Today’s MLB post-season American League opener between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers will be held under a closed dome. This despite gorgeous weather in Toronto. The Rangers own home field is an open-air stadium, so I’m guessing they … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in Harper’s Canada

Hey, Canada. It’s time to make a much-needed change. It’s time to pull ourselves out of this national nose dive that has us all hell-bent on becoming more and more like our paranoid and extremist neighbours to the south. Every … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers

A recent online article caught my attention, about a young rapper/comedienne who posted a video mocking obese people. Her “Dear Fat People” video is a vulgar and hateful taunt against people who weren’t endowed with slim bodies like hers. These kinds of attacks … Continue reading

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Your Adventures Define You

I recently got to wondering about what distinguishes a safe, cautious, ordinary life from one filled with joys and glory that linger vividly and fondly in the memory forever. And I’ve concluded that it’s the willingness to put oneself out there and have adventures. … Continue reading

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Legacy Laws

They’re at it again, folks. First it was the tobogganing hills. Now it’s the backyard skating rinks and outdoor hockey that are at risk of being banned. All in the name of safety and liability. It’s a very disturbing trend … Continue reading

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Downhill from Here

Wow! When I recently heard on the news that several Ontario communities have outlawed tobogganing on municipal hills, and that many more are considering it, I thought now we’ve gone too far. For years I’ve known that we’re growing ever more … Continue reading

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How’s That Workin’ For You?

So, tell me world, how’s all that retaliatory violence working for you so far? It’s been your go-to tool of choice for solving your differences for some time now. So surely it must be getting some positive results, right? Let’s see… … Continue reading

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I Can’t Breathe

The news continues to show police using what appears to be excessive force in their dealings with black youth. It has at least two nations inflamed to the point of civil unrest, meaning it’s likely to get worse before it gets … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Frontier

Lately some disheartening news has been released about how young people are losing interest in space exploration. I find this saddening. Despite recent milestones such as landing a robotic probe on a comet, and the test launch of the new Orion … Continue reading

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