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Winners and Losers

A recent online article caught my attention, about a young rapper/comedienne who posted a video mocking obese people. Her “Dear Fat People” video is a vulgar and hateful taunt against people who weren’t endowed with slim bodies like hers. These kinds of attacks … Continue reading

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Make a Joyful Noise

Recently I attended the funeral of yet another vibrant person taken from us far before their time. As always happens when I attend such a funeral and listen to others speak of the virtues of the deceased, I can’t help … Continue reading

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Celtic College 2013

I recently returned from attending summer camp. No, not one that involved canoeing, or campfires, or panty raids on the girls’ camp across the lake. This was a kind of music camp called Celtic College that is held in the … Continue reading

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A Folk Hero

There aren’t too many of us who can say that we know an honest-to-goodness, real-life hero. I am one of the lucky ones who can say that I do. And he’s one of my best friends, to boot. Jack Cole … Continue reading

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The Cape Bretoner

As we get older, we often lose touch with good friends, no matter how close we once were. Distance and time can do that. Allan J. MacNeil of Christmas Island, Cape Breton is a good friend I lost track of … Continue reading

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That Dandelion Lady

Allow me to introduce you to our local environmentalist and otherwise lady-of-all-trades – Susan Koswan. I first met Susan many years ago at our monthly Old Chestnuts Song Circle and have since come to highly respect her community-minded and enviromentally-minded … Continue reading

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