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Don’t Mask the Symptoms

The other day my youngest son asked an interesting question. “They tell you to catch cancer early,” he said. “But how do people know when to go and get a checkup for cancer?” I guess he’s becoming conscious of his health … Continue reading

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Blind Support isn’t the Answer

By now you’ve probably heard that Australian actress Nicole Kidman suggested to Americans that it’s time to get over their differences, and to start supporting Donald Trump as their elected president. Seems like there’s a lot of political advice coming from … Continue reading

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Meryl Streep’s Message

Once again, the man who’s about to become president of the greatest nation on Earth has demonstrated his utter lack of class and self control, and his disrespect for the august office he will soon hold. In the wake of a scathing, … Continue reading

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Canada the Great!

The dramatic goings on south of our border recently have rightly concerned most Canadians. Unfortunately, we’re not immune to the vile attitudes of intolerance and hate that are so wide-spread in the USA these days. But, that said, Canadians are also known for … Continue reading

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Toronto the Hostile?

Remember when Toronto was thought of as one of the nicest, cleanest, most welcoming cities in the world? Well, I do. And it wasn’t all that long ago, relatively speaking. But things are changing. And not for the better. Toronto … Continue reading

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Trump’s Never-Never Land

There was a time when kids could trust that the world of adults was in good hands… managed by people who had matured into relatively wise grown ups who thought about what they said, said what the meant, and treated each other more-or-less … Continue reading

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For Goodness Sake

Okay, I know that I’ve come across as grumpy and negative lately. Truth is, I’m actually quite tired of posting these rants against what I see as a growing trend in global and national injustice. But I do have my … Continue reading

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