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The Politics of Control

In my lifetime, North American politics has mostly operated under the rules of negotiation, debate, and consensus. That’s because we’re democratic nations. It’s what takes place in the Houses of Parliament in Canada and Britain, and inside the House of Representatives in the USA. … Continue reading

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The Power of Engineering

I’ve been an Engineer for over 40 years. Wow, has it been that long? It’s what I do and it’s what I’ve done throughout my adult life. So I guess I’ve gotten to that point where I just take it for granted. … Continue reading

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Authoritarian Followers

Things seem to be getting disturbingly weird in the States lately. For some inexplicable reason, crass and classless Donald Trump has moved ahead as the undisputed frontrunner in the Republican leadership race. And with last night’s resignation of Ted Cruz, there now seems to … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Frontier

Lately some disheartening news has been released about how young people are losing interest in space exploration. I find this saddening. Despite recent milestones such as landing a robotic probe on a comet, and the test launch of the new Orion … Continue reading

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Tesla’s Footsteps

I’m a bit late with this posting, but better late than never. Last fall I was privileged to attend an exhibit unlike any I had seen in quite awhile. It revolved around the works of my favourite inventor, the great … Continue reading

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Baltic Cruise 2009 – Amsterdam

Back in the fall of 2009, my family and I took a Holland America Baltic Cruise that sailed out of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Naturally, we flew from Toronto to Amsterdam. We left the day after that terrible tornado hit the city of … Continue reading

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How I Write – Part 3

Today I post Part 3 of my How I Write series. In Part 1 we looked at plot generation. Then in Part 2 we looked at brainstorming for key ideas, and outlining for scenes. This latest page looks at the writing tools I use on … Continue reading

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