Besides being a writer, I’m also a musician… a singer/songwriter/guitarist, actually. I’ve performed on those BC Ferries that shuttle passengers over to Vancouver Island, in pubs and taverns throughout the Maritimes, in restaurants and clubs in Ontario, at backyard festivals, and in various concert halls. I’ve sung in outdoor amphitheatres as well as on stage, TV, radio, and on Youtube. So I’ve a few stories to tell.

These pages will be devoted to my musical experiences, as well as to tales of friends and fellow musicians who I think you might find interesting.


2 Responses to Music

  1. Lorna says:

    Brad I remember – i guess you
    think it’s not important in your life now & that’s okay but if you go onto my FB page you will see my friend from the Halifax time shared Mr BoJangles when she saw the Nitty Gritty Band this past summer -makes me think of you

    • wordswithbrad says:

      Hi Lorna. I suspected from your earlier comment that you and I were once acquainted. But in the 33 years since I left Halifax, I have moved many times and, as a musician and teacher, have met many thousands of people. Now, at 61, my memory for too many of those places and people, however dear they may have been at one time, has faded a bit. I assure you that it’s not because I don’t think they’re important. Those years I spent in the Maritimes were some of the best of my youth, and I wish I could vividly remember ever single moment of them. Singing Mr. Bojangles I do remember. I still sing it from time-to-time. Cheers, Brad

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