Bringing Down the House

Michael Moore believes that Trump will win
November 4th, 2016

I recently read film maker Michael Moore’s astute take on Donald Trump’s popularity, and why he believes Trump will win the US election. And you know what, he makes a lot of sense. But sadly so.

Moore, a documentary film maker who has taken on many controversial, sensitive, and hot-button topics over the years with his biting sarcasm and ironic wit, has remained uncharacteristically silent during this federal campaign. Especially in regards to the inexplicable swelling of popularity of the polarizing Republican presidential candidate.

Unbeknownst to many, however, Moore has recently released a limited distribution film entitled “Michael Moore in Trumpland“. But it’s more a promotion of Hillary Clinton, than it is a rebuke of Trump. Still, he has some interesting observations to make about The Donald’s unexpectedly high standings in the polls.

In promotional interviews for his film, Moore says he thinks he understands the driving forces motivating Trump’s supporters. They are, he believes, angry, disillusioned, and disenfranchised middle-Americans who, for whatever reasons, have found themselves at one time or another tossed on society’s scrap heap, and have been waiting for their chance to retaliate and get some payback. They want to throw all the bastards who made their lives miserable out of office, and start over. And then, as if to answer their prayers, along comes Donald Trump, with his anti-establishment and anti-federal attitudes, crass nature, blatant lies, insults, bragging, exaggerations, conspiracy theories, crude humour, racist views, alarming international policies, misogynistic attitudes, and anti-Hillary accusations. Everything the angry middle-class voter was waiting for, and then some. He’s the poster boy for rebellion. He’s a powerful, pissed-off outsider who they believe will march right into the oval office, break all the rules, stir up shit, and kick some ass… something they’d love to do themselves if given half a chance.

Trump, Moore says, is the figurative hand grenade or Molotov cocktail that millions of working stiffs have been longing to lob into the heart of Washington politics, to blow the whole friggin’ mess to smithereens. These disgruntled voters feel that, since their lives are essentially in the toilet, they might as well flush the whole political system down with them. Oh sure, they may say that they’re “voting for change”, or trying to “shake things up”, or may quote the party mantra that they’re going to “make America great again”, but what they really want is the destruction of the established American political machine. And the perverse logic of it is, that in the eyes of these people, the more outrageous, offensive, and threatening Trump talks and acts – the more of a dick-head he is – the better weapon he will make. Moore calls it the biggest “F**k You!” in American political history.

The scenario is remarkably similar to the disgruntled voter mood that vaulted Councilman Rob Ford into the Toronto Mayor’s seat a few years ago. And the world knows how well that worked out for Toronto. The city became the laughing stock of the media as Ford tried to carry his outspoken and over-the-top anger and rebelliousness into the city’s council chambers. It was a dark and embarrassing time for Toronto, one that the city’s residents are still trying to live down. But at least Ford didn’t have his finger on the doomsday button. Yet, to this day, there remains angry people who wish he’d done even more to dismantle the city’s good-old-boy political network. It seems that the rebellious sentiment runs deep, strong, and blind to the facts.

Likewise, whether out of fear, racism, paranoia, anger, or opportunism, there are millions of otherwise rational Americans out there who have let passion and fanaticism overtake their better judgement, and who want to hire (or elect, in this case) a similar powerful bully to do their dirty work for them. They want to bring down a government that they feel doesn’t represent their views and values. But, by definition, that’s revolution, folks, not democracy.

Sadly, this makes a whole lot of warped sense, and may well be the reality of the situation. Leave it to Michael Moore to strip off the veneer of reason, and expose the raw emotional core at the heart of the situation. There’s nothing political about a vote for Trump. It’s a vote for anarchy and chaos. And unapologetically so.

To those voters, however, I offer the warning that when one intends to lob a hand grenade into the so-called “enemy’s” house, the idea is to not be standing in that house at the time. That’s kind of a fundamental rule of Molotov cocktail lobbing…

Anarchy Rule #1: Make sure you’re standing outside when you lob the bomb into the house

Maybe the idea is that “If my life sucks, I want everyone’s life to suck.”  I don’t know. But if those voters think their lives are going to get any better after they lob the clearly deranged and dangerous Trump into office, they’ve got another thought coming. Because all the US-hating forces in the world will almost certainly take advantage of the most powerful nation on Earth being run by an incompetent, egotistical psychopath with a fragile ego and hair-trigger temper. And I guarantee that won’t be good for anyone.

If those voters want to see the US survive the next four years intact, they should reconsider their plan to bring the whole system crashing to its knees. Because, when one is standing inside the house that one has just lobbed a bomb into, I can assure them that all that pent up anger will suddenly seem inconsequential as everything explodes and collapses, as economic carnage piles up, and as the livelihoods of friends and loved ones fall into ruin all around, having been brought down by a senseless collective act of political suicide.

This is their country these voters are messing with… the United States of America. Trump is not the answer to their problems! In fact, people like Trump are the problem. Destroying the nation in a misguided attempt to change and improve it, is foolhardy at best, and treasonous at worst. I guarantee that a Trump presidency will not “make America great again”, but will instead be the start of the end of everything ever revered about America.

I’m just sayin’

By the way, it’s not like Trump gives a shit about the USA. He doesn’t. He just wants to be president so he can carve another notch in his belt. It’s pretty obvious from the things he’s said and done in the past, that he doesn’t care a fig about the kind of people he’s recruiting to vote for him… they’re just a means to an end as far as Trump is concerned… an end that gives him a coveted prize, and the chance to gloat about being a winner.

And guess who the losers will be?