Dear Mr. Trump

I Have Some Questions About Your Temper,
November 21, 2016

I read recently where you’re demanding an apology from the New York City cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton, for waiting until the curtain call to kindly ask VP-elect Mike Pence (who was in the audience that night) to please treat immigrants with dignity and respect.

Mr. Pence apparently walked out during the speech (which prompted booing from some audience members), but the audience cheered enthusiastically afterwards. I assume this means that they heartily support the cast’s concerns. Even Mr. Pence has stated that he was not offended by the incident. Yet, not only have you demanded an apology from the cast, but because they expressed their concerns about your upcoming administration, you’ve posited that the musical Hamilton must suck. I’ll tell you what sucks, and it isn’t the musical Hamilton.

Apparently, Mr. Trump, you consider a reasonable and humble request from a representative group of concerned citizens to be an unprovoked attack. That’s an interesting and disturbing reaction coming from you… the man who spent the last few months openly attacking blacks, women, LGTBQ persons, immigrants, Muslims, and even the handicapped. I wonder, Sir, are you planning to issue an apology to them any time soon?

Face it, you were the first to launch an assault on innocent immigrants, especially Muslims and Mexicans. Your campaign was filled with hateful rhetoric and groundless xenophobic charges of criminal behaviour aimed specifically at these groups. And not just them, but at women and blacks as well. It seems as if you have unresolved personal issues with these groups, that for some reason renders you suspicious of their mere presence in your country. You are clearly a very broken man.

You’ve got to accept the responsibility here. It was you and your campaign team that researched your prospective voter demographic, and subsequently customized your campaign message to make immigrants, women, LGTBQ persons, Muslims, and blacks the prime targets of your hateful remarks, in order to appeal to voters who hate these people.

You took a national crisis that was already reaching a critical ignition point, and not only fanned the flames, but threw fuel on it, simply to drum up support for your campaign. That was highly irresponsible of you. As a result, your selfish interests have now unleashed a social firestorm across America, by giving your mindless, racist supporters a federal voice. They now believe that you’re their defender, probably because you promised them that very thing, in no uncertain terms. They think you condone their racists views and behaviour, so anything goes. You must take responsibility for this… but I know you won’t. Because you don’t have the balls.

I suppose if you had determined that there were enough voting criminals in America’s prisons to have elected you, you’d have promised to legalize criminal activity, to deck out their cells like cruise ship salons, or to pardon every last one of them, simply to get their votes. Oh, wait, imprisoned criminals can’t vote. Just as well, otherwise you might have actually considered the merits of that election strategy.

Incidents of vile racist behaviour are springing up all over the nation at an alarming rate. Innocent people are being accosted and threatened in increasing numbers, all in your name. It’s even spilling over into Canada. Does this make you proud? Was this your goal? The general hope of your supporters is that, as soon as you step into the Oval Office, millions of immigrants, especially Muslims and Mexicans, will be deported out of the country. Your supporters believe this because you promised to do it. Trust me, Mr. Trump, your nation is NOT going to permit you to do this. Not without civil war.

You therefore have no right to be upset when calm, rational expressions of concern and opposition spring up in places like that NYC theatre, where American equality and justice were part of the production. I dare say, over the next few weeks, months, and years, you’re going to face a lot of growing dissent from the populace, and you will run into a lot of opposition. Some of it quite forceful, I dare say.

Because, lets face it, only a small fraction of the American public actually voted for you. Let’s see, you got about 61.9 million votes, right? Hillary got 63.6 million. So you didn’t even win the popular vote. I’d call that a shallow victory, wouldn’t you?

And it’s even worse than that for you, because that 61.9 million is only 25% of eligible American voters. So only a quarter of the American voting public agrees with your disgusting views, attitudes, and policies. I would expect that the remaining 75% of voters are going to question and disagree with you over the next few years. But remember that you represent them too, so you’re going to have to listen to them. That’s how being the POTUS works. Ignore these people at your own peril.

I wouldn’t go around picking fights with everyone who questions you, if I were you. Because, if you do, you’re going to end up spending most of your time battling with your own citizens. And that’s not a very presidential activity. Sounds more like the way President Assad of Syria spends his time. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that a lot of educated, powerful and influential people are going to hate you. Just like Syrians hate Assad. So much for “winning”, eh?

Oh sure, I imagine you’re just going to turn your back to these people, and find plenty of “reasons” why they don’t know what they’re talking about. But I assure you, they will know what they’re talking about. Truth is, after watching your spotty career all these many years, and listening to the nonsense that spewed unfiltered from your pie-hole during the Republican leadership campaign and the election, it’s pretty clear that it’s you who don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve made it clear that you’re not a smart man. You’re just rich… bossy, loud, ignorant, and rich. That’s the only reason people follow you… because you’re rich. So you were able to get a lot of bossy, loud, and ignorant people to vote for you… because you’re rich. Not because they like you.

So, don’t expect the millions of quiet, respectful, and intelligent people out there to blindly cooperate with you and your hateful agenda. Because they won’t. Because your views and attitude are wrong… very wrong. And because you don’t deserve their respect.

I suspect that, before your term of office is over, you’ll have started the USA down the road to a third-world-like dictatorship. I predict riots, protests, and uprisings opposing your administration, to which you will probably respond with water cannons and rubber bullets, fired by militarized police and the National Guard. The USA will start to look more and more like Argentina or Brazil as you ignore the rising dissent of the 189 million who didn’t vote for you (and millions more who did), and who demand that you step down. But you won’t do that, will you, Mr. Trump? Because that would make you a loser. And besides, you don’t really have the best interests of America at heart, anyway. The only allegiance you have is to yourself… to Donald J. Trump.

What a sad example of an American President you will make. You will undoubtedly be an embarrassment and national shame for many years to come. If the nation’s founding fathers are looking down on what’s become of their dream, I’m sure they’re weeping right about now.

I’m just sayin’

* By the way, all you Trump-supporting morons out there who are targeting the Hamilton Studio Theatre in your boycott of the NYC musical ‘Hamilton’, let me inform you that Hamilton, Ontario (the Canadian city where the Hamilton Studio Theatre is located) is almost 500 miles from New York City. And the Hamilton Studio Theatre has nothing to do with the Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’. So, your foolish trolling attempt to hurt them and their business has only succeeded in putting them on the map, and will probably increase awareness of their productions and help their profits. Once again, you’ve shown that you don’t have a collective brain among you.