God Help America!

The unthinkable just happened, and now America must face the fallout
November 9th, 2016

Well, we always wondered how the great and powerful American empire would meet its end. Or at least start its gradual decline into cultural and international irrelevance. Because history has shown that all empires do inevitably crumble into social ruin, only to be replaced by fresh powers that arise elsewhere.

Although, I suspect that we all thought that the American empire would one day fall into dust and rubble as a result of war, financial collapse, or violent revolution. Something catastrophic. Something socially horrific. Hmm, on second thought, maybe it did.

But who would have ever thought that it would start down its road to ruin as a result of that most fundamental and treasured of all American institutions… the democratic vote. The once great American empire has now lost its battle for survival in the 21st century, and has ironically succumbed to a self-inflicted wound.

Rome had Nero. Germany had Hitler. Italy had Mussolini. Spain had Franco. Russia had Stalin and now has Putin. Now the USA has Trump. All deluded, self-possessed bullies and blowhards. All who vowed they would make their nations great again. And all who failed (or are failing), and instead brought dictatorship and disaster to their desperate nations.

America, you have my sincere sympathies. This is a sad and alarming day for the USA, as well as for the global community at large. Your nation, which once led the world by glorious example, is now one to be pitied. You’ve made it clear just how desperate and fractured your nation is. The democracy that your founding fathers once had such faith in, has failed you in dramatic fashion. What is the world to make of that?

You once led the free world with class, dignity, and calm intelligence. And you had the chance to continue that tradition. Instead, you elected a lying, classless, possibly even criminal orange-faced clown and buffoon as your leader. I’m sorry, but the world will no longer be able to take you seriously. And not only will America never be great again, (not for many years, anyway), but it will actually become an international joke.

Election night numbers show that more than half your country’s voters took the high road and tried to elect a responsible, albeit unpopular, leader. Unfortunately, the narrow-minded white masses chose otherwise. I truly wish you well in your upcoming national struggle to deal with the inevitable chaos and turmoil that you’ve inflicted upon yourselves. Good luck repairing your now seriously broken republic. You have quite the job ahead of you.

God help America! God help us all!