The New Republicans

It’s Now Time to Really Be Concerned
July 21, 2016

When did the US Republican party – the esteemed estate of Abe Lincoln, Ike Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan – become the party of racial intolerance, hate-filled rhetoric, sideshow huckster politics, vile profanity, death threats, fake promises, fear mongering, and manipulative lies?

This is a sad, sad day for the venerable GOP. Say what you will about their position on issues like fiscal restraint, national security, and conservative family values, the Republicans have always stood for what they believed are the true values of the American people as entrenched in their Constitution and Bill of Rights. Until now, that is.

By accepting that snake-oil salesman, Donald Trump, as their party leader going into the next federal election, they’ve given up what last shreds of dignity and self-respect they ever had. They’ve now officially crawled down into the slimy ditch where Trump resides and cozied up next to him.

Because of the inexplicable popularity of that billionaire buffoon who has brought all the depravity and stupidity of reality TV to the US federal election, those Republicans who once upheld noble values and high ideals have squeezed themselves – albeit reluctantly and no-doubt uncomfortably, but nonetheless sporting red noses – into the backseat of the comical clown car that is Trump’s campaign. How cheap and ashamed they must feel today. They’ve willingly hitched their wagon to a jackass, all for the prospect of beating Hillary Clinton in the next federal election.

The party has even risked irrevocable division within its own ranks, all for the sake of a win-at-all-costs. As a result, those party members with a brain and some integrity are now being lumped in with those mindless lemmings who truly believe that Trump represents their angry isolationist, anti-feminist, and anti-government views (remember, Trump used to be a Democrat back when it served his purposes.) What a sad state of affairs to see once proud Republicans willingly bend over, look the other way, and take it in the rear. What ever happened to their once lofty standards?

Instead they’ve succumbed to an almost lynch-mob mentality. Just listen to any party member’s views on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for government communications and you’d think that she poisoned the nation’s water supply, killing thousands. And yet, while her actions might have been self-serving, nothing she did has ever been proven to have caused an ounce of threat to national security. She was even exonerated by the FBI who found that, while her actions may have been ill-advised, they were not illegal. Still, hundreds of Republican delegates were chanting for her imprisonment, and some party officials even suggested she be hung (yes, hung!) in the Washington National Mall, or shot for treason. Really?!

This is highly dangerous and threatening rhetoric, folks. But it’s the kind of hysterical fervour that Trump likes to stir up. He’s created a manic movement calling for the head of the woman for what was, undeniably, bad judgement but what has neither directly nor indirectly hurt a single US citizen. It appears they simply hate her beyond all reason and wish her dead for no better reason than that she’s (a) an intelligent and successful woman, (b) a Democrat, and (c) a threat to their run for the White House. And maybe because she’s Bill Clinton’s wife. It’s old west vigilante justice they seek… justice at the point of a gun.

One delegate at the GOP Convention even said it was about time that America had a leader who would bring a kind of “John Wayne attitude” to the White House. Really, John Wayne? Does this person not realize that the John Wayne they watched in all those movies was play-acting? I hate to pop that delegate’s balloon, but so-called rugged individualists like Rooster Cogburn, McLintock, John Elder, and The Quiet Man weren’t real people. It was all fake, all just movie magic. Just like Trump, it was all for show. In fact, the whole notion of the rugged individualist is just an American fantasy (by all definitions of the term, Micah Johnson, the Dallas shooter, qualifies as a rugged individualist, as does Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber).

Besides, John Wayne wasn’t exactly the fair-but-tough guy people believe he was. But it does go to show how many Americans have lost touch with reality and actually want a fictional hero (or maybe an outrageous cartoon character) as their next president. That said, trust me, Donald Trump is no John Wayne! Quite honestly, if they want an actor, it almost makes me wish that Arnold Schwarzenegger had been eligible to run for president. He’d likely turn out to be better at it than Trump. At least Arnie has some political experience and didn’t destroy California during his term of office. They would just have to look out for his household staff.

My question is, do the few level-headed Republicans that remain really think they’ll be able to keep Trump under control after he gets elected, the way they did with George W? After all, if they were unable to reign Trump in during the leadership campaign, do they think Congress and the Executive Office are going to be any more successful? Or do they secretly plan to deploy some Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney kind of muscle to direct Trump where they want him to go, do, and say? Not likely, I suspect. I don’t think Trump would ever allow himself to be anyone’s puppet. So I’m afraid they’ll have another thought coming when he redecorates the oval office to look like Trump manor, hoists a huge garish TRUMP sign over the White House, or welcomes a reality TV camera crew into the West Wing.

The man is an uncontrollable bull, a loose cannon, and he soon may hold the reins of the world’s most powerful nation in his hands, all thanks to those spineless party weasels. What they’ve made possible shows no political backbone, and may be the most irresponsible act of national cowardice ever demonstrated by an American political party. The world deserves better. America deserves better. Republicans deserve better.

Watching people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell clench their teeth, swallow their pride and self-respect, and pitifully throw their support behind Donald Trump because they had no choice, was like seeing a bruised and beaten wife throw her support behind her violent thug of a husband simply because she’s afraid of him. One loses all respect for these once-respected party pundits, because there’s clearly no depths to which they won’t sink in order to win the White House. How sad is that? It’s political prostitution at its worst. So, over the next few months just close your eyes and think of a better place, boys.

I have no pity for them because these people knew what they were getting into. Trump is clearly an egotistical psychopath who thinks only of himself. All he wants is personal glory & power. And he doesn’t really give a shit who he hurts or offends along the way. He’s in it for his own warped ego. He’s selfish and self-centred, greedy and arrogant. He’s certainly no team player. And the alarming thing is, he’s proud of it. He has already openly lied many times to the people who have supported him, and he will no doubt do it again. He promotes violence, racism, and intolerance. He’s misogynistic, and highly disrespectful of the elderly, the LGBT community, the handicapped, and the disadvantaged. Even Trump’s own official biographer Tony Schwartz has warned that Trump is a dangerous sociopath who is not to be trusted.

Are these really the qualities the Republican party feels reflect those of the American people? Do they really think so little of their fellow countrymen that they’re willing to risk this man representing them nationally and internationally?

These are highly dangerous & volatile national and global days. This isn’t the time to be handing the world’s most powerful nation over to a political novice and megalomaniac like Donald Trump.

Sorry folks, but I’ve now lost what last remnants of respect I once held for the US Republican party, and I know I’m not alone. In its glory days it was a refined and dignified house of revered tradition and lofty standards. It once stood for something noble and respectable. It was blunt yet honest. But it has bowed to the misguided “will of the mindless masses”, has succumbed to the worst kind of political opportunism, and is now officially the party of ignorant rednecks, bikers, the KKK, Honey Boo Boo lovers, gun-totin’ cowboys, white supremacists, Gamergate misogynists, and Duck Dynasty hillbillies. Good luck with that, GOP.

Trump is loudly and unapologetically playing on the nation’s simmering fears, festering anger, deep-seated hatred of others, and almost paranoid distrust of government. This is not the kind of nation Ronald Reagan ever envisioned. Trump is also promising to run the country the way a Chief Executive Officer would run a corporation… with an iron fist and final say. Sorry folks, but that’s not the way politics works. It’s team work, negotiation, and diplomacy. Iron fists are for dictators. And Trump vows to rid the USA of all its problems… overnight. He might just as well be promising to outlaw tornadoes and put a Cadillac SUV in every driveway. What he’s really doing is cruelly manipulating the angry mood and fears of the American people, and unabashedly deceiving them simply to get their votes. The question is, will they be foolish and deluded enough to fall for it?

One thing is for sure, the once proud & haughty GOP – once the conservative flagship of the American Republic – can no longer hold its head high and claim to be the noble vanguard of the true American Union. Sorry, but that sinking ship has sailed with garish carnival flags a-flutter, tattered & torn tent-canvas sails flopping loosely in the breeze, and smug Captain Donald at the tiller. No one will ever be able to take the GOP seriously again.

Abe, Ike, and Ronnie (and even John Wayne) must be rolling over in their graves. Or maybe they’re just laughing their asses off at this colossal American joke. Because the rest of the world is sure pointing and laughing at the USA right about now.

I’m just sayin’


I expect Republican politicians may soon have to abandon their conservative blue & grey suits and start sporting worn leathers, head bands, cowboy hats, tank tops, faded denim… and guns. Lots and lots of guns. Yippee ki-yay, MFs!

NOTE: The point of this blog has been questioned. Am I just angry at Trump? Am I angry at the Republican party? Am I defending Hillary Clinton? Well, yes, yes, and no. What I’m trying to do (in my own modest way) is make a strong case against Trump to those who have it within their power (democratically speaking, of course) to put a stop to his run for the presidency. Because Trump is clearly a joke. His candidacy unfortunately is a sad joke. His Presidency would be a tragic joke. And I do not wish to see the great nation of America become an international joke.