A Bus-Traveling Poet

Marcia Mae Nelson Pedde
April 5, 2012

Born 63 years ago in the ‘steel-town’ city of Hamilton, in the eastern province of Ontario, Canada, Marcia Mae Nelson Pedde has been a poet and short story writer for as long as she can remember. Encouraged and supported by her family, Marcia continued to write throughout her life. Writing primarily through journaling, there were always poems to craft for special occasions – family birthdays and anniversaries – and for people whom she had the privilege to encounter in ways that inspired and delighted her. Marcia, her husband and two teenage sons traveled west to Vancouver, British Columbia for the international Expo ’86. Taking a ferry ride across to Vancouver Island, the entire family fell in love with the island and especially with the city of Victoria. Marcia was determined that she would eventually call Victoria home. Both her sons moved west to Vancouver 12 years later. It took Marcia 22 years, the end of one marriage and the blessing of another, the marriage of her eldest boy and the birth of her first grandchild to all unfold before she was able to find her way west. Marcia, with her husband Mike, now proudly calls Victoria home. This, the first of her published works, is Marcia’s gift to the city of Victoria and an honouring of Victoria’s spiritual retreat centre known as Queenswood. Marcia, always the traveler, is happily growing roots in the City of Gardens. You can read more from Marcia and her husband Mike at M & M’s Musings.

A Year in the Life of a Bus-Traveling Poet

Over an entire year, with her bus pass, pens and paper in hand, Marcia traveled by local transit all around her new hometown. Quite simply, she fell in love with the city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. From elucidating the incredible beauty that is Victoria to revealing the simplicity and the elegance at its very heart, Marcia expresses her admiration for both the people who call that place home, and those who journeyed here from all over the globe to experience the “City of Gardens”. In her book, Marcia records her own personal perceptions of it all as she also journeys ever deeper into herself. In both verse and prose, there is beauty, poetry and play between these covers. She invites you to travel with her through the city that is Victoria and to learn to love it – one story and one poem at a time.


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