I’ve been traveling ever since I was a baby, when my dad, mom and sisters would head out in our old Ford and drive from Canada to Daytona Beach nearly every spring for our one-month-long family vacations. This usually had me in Florida for my birthday. In fact, before I turned ten, I had celebrated more birthdays in the States than in Canada (I’ve often wondered if that would have entitled me to American citizenship?)

In my twenties I started traveling on my own, first to live in Vancouver on the west coast, then to Halifax on the east coast. Later, once back in Ontario, personal and job-related travels took me back to the US, as well as to Sweden, Holland, England, Germany, and France.

Now it’s family vacations once again that have me, my wife and our sons traveling hither and yon. I think together we’ve traveled to almost 26 different countries, as well as to every province in Canada (plus one territory), and to all but five states in the USA. In this section of my blog, I’ll show some of the highlights of various travels my family and I have taken. Heck, I may even dig up some photos from my earlier travels too.


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